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Varanasi at Dawn:  A Boat Tour on the Ganges

Affordable Exotic INDIA

The infinite beauty and variety of India is on our itinerary in 2013!

Join Kim Hammer, seasoned world traveler, to immerse yourself in the culture & the natural world of India.   Tours have an emphasis on art, culture and safe, affordable adventure.

The erotic temples of Khajuraho

January 25 – February 12   “Ancient India

Tour Old Delhi before going to Orissa in the east (Konark Sun Temple, Puri on the ocean and heritage artisan villages near Bubeneshwar).  Visit the oldest living city of Varanasi with a dawn boat ride on the Ganges, and on to the Erotic Temples of Khajurahao.   Guide Fee* due November 15:  $500.   Group size limited to 6.

The Best Exotic Marigolds...

February 8 – March 4   “Out and About in Rajasthan”

Visit South Delhi and a contemporary design studio before heading to Surajkund Craft Mela and the Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary near Bharatpur.  An overnight camel safari and the 3-day Desert Festival in Jaislamir highlight the trip, but you will also visit Jaipur, Udaipur, Ajmer and Pushkar, experiencing the stunning and unique western Thar Desert region of India.  Guide Fee* due November 30:  $650.  Group limited to 6.

The starting date above is the date you depart the US and the ending date is the date you leave India.  Due to time change, you may arrive in the US the same date you leave India, depending on the length of your flight.

SUTRA coordinates itinerary, makes hotel and in-country transportation reservations, and provides a safe container to experience Incredible India.  You pay a guide fee (cash, check or credit card) for Kim’s role as an “tour leader and escort”.   Your international air fares, meals, and entrance fees are paid individually, at the time of purchase.   Your hotels and in-country transport are paid in a single payment to our travel agent once you arrive.  (credit card or cash).

The itinerary is subject to change, based on transportation schedules (train/plane) as well as other aspects to travel in India outside our control.  However, every effort is made to meet or exceed travel descriptions!

Interested?   Contact Kim Hammer, SUTRA Global Journeys   608.792.7641      *


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