How SUTRA is a force for good in the world

Are you thinking of hosting a SUTRA global by design Home Sale?

Celebrate Incredible India with a SUTRA World Market in your home or office!

SUTRA global by design acts as a force of healing in the world via spreading beauty and abundance across cultures. SUTRA purchases directly & pays a fair price to Asian artisans and sells to the American buyer in a  “home sale” format (rather than a retail store). This conscious choice to keep our overhead low allows SUTRA to pay artisans fairly for high-quality products, lead travel tours to hand-select goods directly from each artisan or fair trade organization/coop, sell these goods at a reasonable price, and donate a portion of all profits to a worthwhile cause.

SUTRA global by design links South Asian artisans directly with conscious Americans who want the choice to purchase fairly-traded, fine quality handicrafts. People want to buy proudly, so you doing a community service to host this event!

SUTRA offers 2 options for you: (a SUTRA Home Sale or a SUTRA Fundraiser):

1.   A SUTRA Home Sale provides a 5% donation to the cause of your choice after $300 in sales is made, plus a $50 “Hostess   Gift” certificate for products you choose that day and 20% off your purchases that day.

2. After a $300 minimum in sales is made, A SUTRA Fundraiser will donate 15% of the purchases to your chosen cause. You will receive 10% off your purchases that day.

To create a successful event, SUTRA will post a Facebook event, create and print 30-50 simple flyers and to create an email with photos for you to send to your friends and family.

I bring display units, educational materials about the artisans & SUTRA cultural tours, and a “door prize”. I will set up & take down the show and clean up in a timely fashion.

As a SUTRA Home Sale host, you are agreeing to:

1.  Together we will choose a focus for your sale: “South Asia’s Amazing Textiles”, “Exquisite Offerings” or Bazaar India (everything under $50), and whether you will have a Home Sale or a Fundraiser.

2. Set a date and time, address for the sale, and designate a cause for the SUTRA donation at least 30 days in advance. This cause can help to bring others who support that cause to this event, which is beneficial for the cause and for the SUTRA event.

3.  Promote the event by “sharing” the event on your Facebook page, emailing friends and family (SUTRA provides the text) and distribute the SUTRA poster by hand or mail to neighbors, family and businesses nearby. (Ideally, your invites to 50-60 willproduce 25 – 30 attendees). Consider co-workers, friends, neighbors, family, fellow supporters of your cause, and people you know more casually (through church, organizations, activities)

4. Before the sale, clear a space in your home, office or yard, free of most “personal effects” at eye level or below, that will accommodate 3-4 banquet tables and a few racks, as well as some wall hangings. For most homes, this would be your living room and dining room and the front entryway.

5. At the event, you can choose to provide simple refreshments, such as a beverage, but the focus is not on food. Your main role is to “meet and greet” those who come, introduce me and keep the focus on the products, artisans and sales.

SUTRA means “thread” in Sanskrit, as in the thread of connection, and exists to link the Global North with those in the Global South, as well as to link the West with the East. SUTRA also helps bring traditional Asian art forms to our contemporary world, and provides travel opportunities to Americans wanting to connect with South Asian people and culture. SUTRA is the thread of life!

To learn how you can host a SUTRA global by design in your community and about SUTRA Cultural Tours:

 CONTACT: Kim Hammer, SUTRA Owner and Tour Leader


Become my Facebook friend: Kim Hammer

Like: SUTRA global by design

twitter:  SUTRA fair trade


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